Responses recently submitted by Leeds Law Society:

SQE Consultation (part 3) Leeds Law Society Response – 20.07.2017

Other open consultations:

Enforcement of suspended orders – alignment of procedures in the County Court and High Court  closes 30/8

Consultation on sentencing guidelines – child cruelty  closes 13/9

SRA Corporate Strategy 2017-20 – closes 21/9

Regulatory performance assessment closes 25/9

Financial Conduct Authority Guidance Consultation closes 23/10

In more detail:-

Enforcement of suspended orders – alignment of procedures in the County Court and High Court. This is a consultation exercise by the Civil Procedure Rule Committee.  Closes on Wednesday 30 August 2017

Consultation on sentencing guidelines – child cruelty: This consultation seeks views on new guidelines for offences of cruelty to a child, causing or allowing a child to die or suffer serious physical harm and failing to protect a girl from the risk of FGM. Closes 13 September 2017

SRA Corporate Strategy 2017-20: The SRA is consulting on its Corporate Strategy for 2017-20. Its aim for 2017–20 is to continue to work in collaboration with the public, those it regulates, the justice system and other regulators. That will help the SRA to better understand and meet the needs of everyone it serves. To do this, the SRA is proposing five new strategic objectives for 2017–20.  Closing date for responses: 21 September

Regulatory performance assessment: This consultation seeks views on the proposed performance assessment framework the LSB intends to use for its regulatory oversight. Following a review of previous process and a consultation with regulators the LSB has identified  opportunities for improvement in areas as follows:

  • The regulatory performance standards could be more representative of the key areas of regulatory risk (for example, they could cover authorisation and education and training) and there was scope to remove duplication and ambiguity amongst the indicators outlined under each standard
  • There is an opportunity to be more systematic and to utilise an ongoing approach to gathering information and evidence about the regulators’ performance
  • The assessment process could be more proportionate, risk-based and targeted. It was also noted that greater clarity was needed as to whether the process assesses performance against minimum standards required for effective regulation or ‘gold-plated’ regulation, and
  • The grading scale could more accurately reflect the regulators’ current performance rather than the progress the regulators’ have made and intend to make.   Closing date for responses: 25 September 2017

Financial Conduct Authority Guidance Consultation: Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision: a sourcebook for professional body supervisors. Following the recent Treasury consultation on the Regulations to establish a new AML supervisor (OPBAS), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a consultation on what it calls a sourcebook for professional body supervisors. It is this document which will set out OPBAS’s expectations of professional body supervisors. The deadline for responses is 23 October.

Consultations now closed: 

Consultation on The Model Order for Directions to be used in all Credit Hire cases: This is a consultation exercise by the Civil Procedure Rule Committee. Opens Wednesday 28 June 2017 – Tuesday 1 August 2017

A new route to qualification: New regulations. The SRA consulting on proposed regulations to provide the regulatory framework for qualification as a solicitor via the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, and on their proposals for recognition of the knowledge and competences of qualified lawyers which will form part of the new regulatory framework. These will come into effect no earlier than September 2020. Consultation opens 31 May 2017, closes 26 July 2017

2017-18 Practising fee consultation with solicitors: Managing the costs of regulatory, public interest and representative work. This consultation from The Law Society opens on 23 June 2017 and closes on 2 July 2017


Consultation responses submitted by Leeds Law Society:

Response to a consultation undertaken on behalf of the North and West Yorkshire Judicial Business Group and HM Courts and Tribunals Service.

Successful result: As a result of this consultation response the Leeds Youth Court will remain open and our members will continue to service the Court and provide a high quality representation.

This document is the post-consultation report for the consultation paper on the listing of youth cases in West Yorkshire Magistrates Courts.

This response was published on 26.6.17 READ: Youth Court Consultation Response (Leeds Law Society) April 2017



  • FRC in Low Value Clinical Negligence Claims Consultation:

  • For the Access to Justice Report, please CLICK HERE.
  • For the CET response to Whiplash Consultation, please CLICK HERE.
  • For the consultation response to Reforming the Soft Tissue Injury (Whiplash) Claims Process Consultation. Please CLICK HERE.

Leeds Law Society are very grateful to Richard Coulthard of Michael Lewin Solicitors for his hard work on producing this document.

Special mention also goes to the solicitors and members of the bar in Leeds who attended our workshop and who provided input.

This is a great example of Leeds practitioners working together to respond to an important consultation on an issue that will have a significant impact on some of our members’ livelihoods.

We are currently preparing submissions:

  • to the SRA consultation on changes to how solicitors train and qualify
  • to send to Lord Justice Jackson in relation to the proposal to extend fixed recoverable costs. We published a survey which can be found HERE and is open until 16.01.17. A template is also available if you want to contact Lord Justice Jackson direct. Please contact me at for a copy.

Thank you to everyone who has helped with these consultations.

A new route to qualification: the Solicitors Qualifying Examination

Training for Tomorrow, of which this consultation is a part, is reviewing the education and training of solicitors in England and Wales to better assure their competence.

As part of Training for Tomorrow, we have already published a Statement of Solicitor Competence, which sets out what solicitors need to be able to do to perform their role effectively and which provides consumers of legal services with a clear indication of what they can expect from their solicitor. We have also introduced a new approach to ensuring that the skills and knowledge of qualified solicitors remain up to date. This is our second consultation on how to assure consistent and comparable high quality standards at the point of admission.

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9 January 2017


  • Please CLICK HERE for the Online Survey
  • Please CLICK HERE for the Consultation Paper
  • Please CLICK HERE to read Leeds Law Society’s response to ‘A NEW ROUTE TO QUALIFICATION: THE SQE’