Celebrating 100 Years of Women in Law

Leeds Law Society celebrates 100 years of women in the law. Our President Emma Pearmaine is MD of a West Yorkshire practice based in Leeds and Huddersfield.

In 1922 Huddersfield’s Mary Sykes became one of the first 4 female lawyers in England and Wales and opened her own practice in 1930 in what was described as ‘her rather independent manner’!

This year Leeds Law Society focuses on promoting Youth talent in the legal profession in Leeds, highlighting the ongoing need to address equality, diversity and social mobility.

On behalf of Leeds Law society our President is attending the Law Society symposium; the power of gender equality to transform the business of law.

Read about Mary Sykes…she is an inspiration to all of us! 



Leeds Law Society President, Emma Pearmaine


Mary Sykes, one of the first female solicitors in England and Wales

(image sourced from lawgazette.co.uk)