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LawCare: promotes good mental health & wellbeing across the legal community & helps thousands of legal professionals cope with a range of issues.

SBA – The Solicitors Charityprovides grants & interest-free loans, support with career transition & access to bespoke personal insolvency advice to those in serious financial need.

Wellbeing Sessions: Leeds Law Society organises various sessions to promote wellbeing at work within the legal community.

Living Wage Foundation: Living Wage Implementation Guide


LawCare supports and promotes good mental health and wellbeing across the legal community. They understand life in the law, and have helped thousands of legal professionals cope with a range of issues. Their key support service is their free, confidential and independent helpline, and their trained staff and volunteers listen and support with any issues. Call 0800 279 6888 or visit

Their mission is to help the legal community and their staff and families with any personal or professional issue that may be affecting their mental health and wellbeing. Their support spans the entire legal life, from student to training, through to practice and retirement.

LawCare are striving for a community where anyone who may be facing a personal or professional difficulty that is affecting their mental health and wellbeing understands how to seek help, without fear of stigma. They want the legal community to know what help is available to them, and how to access it.

LawCare are working to raise awareness about why mental health and wellbeing matter. They are engaging with professional bodies, regulators, educators and legal practices to promote mental health and wellbeing.

LawCare understand life in the law. If you need someone to talk to, you can call them on their free, independent, and confidential helpline. Calls are answered by trained staff and volunteers, all of whom have experience of working in the legal sector.  They offer empathetic support for work, emotional, health and financial problems, and signpost callers to specialist support where appropriate.

Helpline Support

0800 279 6888

365 days a year

9am – 7.30pm weekdays

10am – 4pm weekends and bank holidays

You can also download LawCare’s range of factsheets, as well as other useful information and resources, from their website

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SBA – The Solicitors Charity:

SBA The Solicitors’ Charity has been at the heart of the legal profession for over 150 years, helping to ensure that no solicitor is unsupported in times of need or crisis. The charity was founded in 1856, when three solicitors secured a motion from the Liverpool meeting of the Metropolitan & Provincial Law Association to begin drafting its constitution. That process, painstakingly recorded through the pages of the Solicitors Journal & Reporter, took two years and the Solicitors Benevolent Association – now known as SBA The Solicitors’ Charity – was officially born in 1858.

Leeds lawyers – we need you!

SBA The Solicitors’ Charity is scouting for volunteer talent in Leeds – Read More

This is an excellent opportunity for you to help fellow solicitors in times of personal financial need.  By volunteering as an SBA Area Representative, you can do much to make positive changes to those experiencing personal financial hardship.  There are also advantages to you – here are some of them:

  • Sense of achievement  – You can witness lives improving directly from the benefit of your involvement
  • Add experience on your CV  –  Studies carried out by TimeBank show 73% of employers hire people with a history of volunteering
  • Expand your professional network – SBA’s volunteer team is 70-strong and comprises current and former solicitors from every walk in legal life.  In some areas, our volunteers work closely alongside local law societies to support their own legal communities.

To find out more about SBA The Solicitors’ Charity, visit, telephone 020 8675 6440 or email us on



Wellbeing Sessions at Leeds Law Society:

Wellbeing Massage:

You can benefit a great deal in just 15 minutes!

Leeds Law Society is delighted to welcome back Song and her Spa team to offer you short invigorating treatments at regular intervals throughout 2017.

If you’re not sure it’s worth breaking away from the desk to treat yourself to a 15-minute massage, don’t take our word for it – here is some of the feedback from Song’s last visit:

“The Thai massage was fantastic. I cannot believe the difference they made in only 15 minutes.”

“Thank you very much – a very relaxing and enjoyable break from the desk!”

“The treatments were lovely and I returned to the office feeling very relaxed.”

“While finding 15 minutes may sound like a difficult task, it was definitely worth it!”

The trained therapists/masseuses will be offering the following treatments between 12pm and 2pm, with a 10% discount for Leeds Law Society members – there is a 30-minute treatment for those who just don’t believe 15 minutes is enough!

Treatment Duration Member
Neck & Shoulder 15 Mins       £8.55             £9.50
Deep Tissue Neck
& Shoulder
15 Mins     £10.80           £12.00
Head, Neck &
30 Mins     £13.50           £15.00

To book, email stating which treatment you would like. Time slots will be allotted on a first come, first served basis.

Payment (by cash or cheque) must be made in full on the day direct to Song Thai Spa. The team is fully covered by insurance.

Problems or questions? Email or call 0113 245 4997.

Hatha Yoga Sessions:

Hatha Yoga Classes with Clare Kerrigan are now been held at Leeds Law Society every Tuesday. You can pay weekly or to secure a continuous place you can book a 6 week course. Please call Lucia on  0113 2454997 or email for more information.

Hatha Yoga
It will be focusing on releasing shoulder, neck and hip tension, improving posture and increasing core strength, with time dedicated to relaxation practices at the end of each session. This lunchtime yoga session will leave you feeling energised, relaxed and refreshed – ready for the rest of the day ahead!

All are welcome from complete beginners to yoga to those with an existing practice.

The Instructor 
​Clare Kerrigan: “My classes integrate a balance of mindful Hatha yoga taught with warmth and support. Breath focus is key throughout the class, helping to quieten the busy mind and encourage greater peace.”

Dates: Every Tuesday from 12.15pm to 1.00pm

£6.00 – non-members
£5.00 – members

Wellington Place Workplace Choir:

Do you love to sing, but are a bit unsure about singing with other people?

Call in to the Wellington Central building in Tower Square for a few minutes (or more) on Friday between 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm, to see what goes on at the Wellington Place Workplace Choir. You don’t have to join in, but you’ll want to!

Wellington Place Choir is an upbeat lunchtime singing session for anyone who loves great music – regardless of ability. It features live instruments and fantastic harmony arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs. No one is ever singled out, there are no auditions, no music reading, no commitment or bow-tie wearing, baton wielding choir master! The choir meets on Friday lunchtimes between 12.30 pm and 1.30 pm in Wellington Central (the two-storey building next to the stone lifting tower). It’s open to anyone who works in the area (whether or not at Wellington Place itself), who just enjoys singing.

As Wellington Place grows, we’d really love the workplace choir to grow with it – the more who join in, the bigger the sound! Remember, you don’t have to be a great singer.

The Wellington Place Choir is part of the brilliant So Choir! – short for SOcial Choir. They meet up in bars and workplaces across Yorkshire to sing great pop and rock hits together. There are lots of opportunities to perform and collaborate (all optional of course) the most remarkable of which are the big So Choir! video sessions – check out the amazing results on the So Choir You Tube channel.

And finally …

Common excuse number 1 – “I can’t sing”
Don’t worry. If you enjoy singing, you’ll be fine, regardless of the sound of your voice. Once you’re in a group, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to sing along. The buzz is instant and highly addictive!
You’ll never be asked to sing on your own. It’s all about the sound of the group and different voices coming together to create something really special.

Common excuse number 2 – “I’m too busy”
The clue is in the name, Wellington Place Workplace Choir. It is designed for busy people. It takes an hour, you can arrive late or leave early if you have to – some people even bring their lunch along. That’s enough time to have a really good session, that’s not just enjoyable and relaxing, but quite different from what most of us do for the rest of our working weeks. It can send you back to work with a spring in your step (and quite possibly, a tune you’ll be annoying your colleagues with for the rest of the day).
Research shows that singing is good for your heart and simultaneously works both sides of the brain – endorphins released from singing will leave you feeling uplifted and help reduce
stress; singing as part of a group can bring about a calming effect that is as beneficial to your health as yoga.

Common excuse number 3 – “I don’t want to come on my own”
If there’s no one else you know who already comes, don’t worry. It’s completely unscary. Just pop your head round the door and see what goes on. If you don’t fancy it, slip away again, but you’d be made very welcome if you want to stay a while.
You could also find a friend or colleague to come with you on the basis of “I’ll go if you do” – that’s how many of the current choir members first came along.
So, what have you got to lose? Come along on a Friday to find out more.
Contact Nic at So Choir! if you have any questions or are nervous about coming along –



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The Office Runners group in conjunction the Leeds JLD, Leeds Law Society & Robert Walters

Over the last couple of years, The Office Runners has developed in to a friendly group of trainees, qualified lawyers and other professionals that work in and around Leeds.  We have runners of all levels from complete beginners that haven’t run since school through to speed merchants placing in the top 50 of the Leeds Half Marathon.

Our weekly sessions are designed around intervals so that everyone can run together, regardless of ability, and each one targets a specific area to help you improve your running. Each session is roughly an hour, including warm up and stretches, and the most you’ll run before getting a breather is around 6 minutes. How hard you go in those 6 minutes is up to you!

In addition to the weekly sessions, some of the group regularly take part in Saturday morning park runs and organised events such as the upcoming ones below:


November                          Leeds Abbey Dash

December                   Leeds Santa Dash

March                                   Harewood 10K trail race

May                                       Leeds half marathon

July                                        Leeds 10k



If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, we now meet outside Bottega Milanese on Bond Court on Mondays at 18:25 and you can register your interest with Alex Brennan, Legal Team Manager, at


Look after yourself

Top 10 tips for good mental health and wellbeing