Routes to Qualification

The most recent innovation in this area is the introduction of a Trailblazer Legal Apprenticeship Scheme.  Please check our Events and Training page for up-to-date information on Leeds City Talks held monthly for legal apprentices.

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A new route to qualification: the Solicitors Qualifying Examination

Training for Tomorrow, of which this consultation is a part, is reviewing the education and training of solicitors in England and Wales to better assure their competence.

As part of Training for Tomorrow, we have already published a Statement of Solicitor Competence, which sets out what solicitors need to be able to do to perform their role effectively and which provides consumers of legal services with a clear indication of what they can expect from their solicitor. We have also introduced a new approach to ensuring that the skills and knowledge of qualified solicitors remain up to date. This is our second consultation on how to assure consistent and comparable high quality standards at the point of admission.

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9 January 2017


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  • Please CLICK HERE to read Leeds Law Society’s response to ‘A NEW ROUTE TO QUALIFICATION: THE SQE’


New SQE:

The way in which legal careers are planned and managed has been brought sharply into focus by the SRA’s SQE plans.  An exciting new project with the University of Leeds is designed to explore how different generations within our profession are able to negotiate these changes. For work shop dates and more information, please CLICK HERE