Review of Costs Budgeting Process by Lord Justice Jackson

A report from Nicola Phillipson, Zenith Chambers (April 2015)

Following the introduction of costs budgeting as part of his wide-ranging package of civil justice reforms, Jackson LJ is now undertaking a review of the process.

He has recenlty hosted a series of meetings around the country to obtain the views of practitioners as to which aspects of budgeting are working well, which are not working so well, which of the rules may need to be changed and so on.

Nicola Phillipson from Zenith Chambers was one of those to attend such a meeting in Leeds on 15th April 2015 and felt it would be useful to summarise some of the points that were raised for Jackson LJ to take away. The meeting was intended to deal with issues arising from the costs budgeting of personal injury and clinical negligence claims only, with other types of claim to be dealt with at separate meetings.

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Nicola Phillipson