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This section contains copies of a number of precedents that are used by judges in the Leeds Court. The inclusion of these documents is authorised by members of the Leeds judiciary and every effort will be made to keep these up to date. Leeds Law Society will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise from the use of these documents.

It should be noted that some of the documents will be issued to you by the Court for your particular case in any event, but the provision of the documents here gives you an idea of what to expect and is designed to assist you with compliance of some parts of the Pre CCMC order.

Pre CCMC Order
Issued by Leeds Court in appropriate cases.

Pre CCMC Order (Lite)
For use in lower value cases.

The two documents above are for information only and will be sent out to you by the Leeds Court in cases where the Judge has decided that their use is appropriate.

Cost Budget Composite Summary (Self Calculating Spreadsheet)
To be used in compliance with clause 4 (and the note after 5.9) of the Pre CCMC order and the note in the lite version which is recorded immediately after point 4.6.