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Adversity can strike anyone, at any time and it can permanently curtail careers as well as destroy families. The SBA has been at the heart of the legal profession for over 150 years, helping to ensure that no solicitor is unsupported in times of need or crisis.


LEEDS LAW SOCIETY: The voice for solicitors in Leeds

Leeds Law Society is one of the largest and most influential societies in the country and is the gateway to ensuring the voice of solicitors is heard on national issues. We work to connect members locally while positioning and promoting the Leeds legal sector on the international stage.

By helping to shape the legal environment nationally and locally, we help to grow one of the most important sectors for our local economy, promote justice and help to attract and retain the talent we need to ensure Leeds continues to be recognised as the biggest legal centre outside of London.


We are connected to key decision makers across the city, across the region and across the country. As part of a national network of law societies, we regularly welcome some of the biggest names in the legal industry to Leeds and make sure our members get access to the people that matter. Crucially, we are also connected locally – if you want to understand the sector or find the expertise you need, we can help.


As one of the biggest and most powerful law societies in the country, we are opinion-formers who campaign in the corridors of power both nationally and locally to make sure that solicitors’ concerns are heard and that their opinions matter. We are a leading member of the “Joint V” – the five biggest regional law societies in England – and The Yorkshire Union, a powerful body representing all societies in Yorkshire.


Our board mirrors the legal sector in Leeds with a broad range of solicitors from every discipline, ethnicity, gender and age group. We work alongside you every day and work for you in our role at the Leeds Law Society.


The legal sector is constantly evolving and so are we. We constantly strive to find new ways to meet our members’ needs and work to remain ahead of the curve to ensure that we continue to influence the changing landscape of the law.


Our greatest role is ensuring the legal sector in Leeds remains supported and closely linked. By bringing solicitors together to celebrate success or debate key issues, we help drive career progression and grow the sector by forging strong relationships across the city.


In addition to working with education establishments to attract the next generation of talent to Leeds, we also work to deliver relevant and engaging professional development sessions and programmes that guarantee the best legal minds are nurtured and retained in the city.


From regulatory concerns to fears over access to justice, we work closely with members to fully understand their needs and opinions and then act upon them. Whether it’s campaigning on national issues or delivering local events, we deliver what you want.


The Society has made a number of recent commercial decisions that have secured the long-term financial future of the society and will guarantee we can continue to drive the local economy ahead. However we remain commercially-focussed to ensure solicitors get maximum value from being part of the society and we deliver the best value for the city.


The Leeds Law Society is your gateway to influencing national policy and opinion and, most importantly, we can ensure your voice is heard. From the national Law Society and the SRA to politicians and key opinion formers, the Leeds Law Society is welcomed, respected and understood.

Get involved

Do you want to further your career, connect with solicitors from across the city, join events, seminars, meetings and debates, take advantage of a wealth of benefits and, crucially, make sure your voice is heard? Or do you want to learn more about the legal sector in Leeds, understand the issues and opportunities and discover how it contributes to the region? Our great value membership is available individually or through corporate membership as a firm. To learn more, call 0113 245 4997 or read more using the links below:


Questions or queries? call 0113 245 4997 or email: membership@leedslawsociety.org.uk